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Seems that Emacs for clojure/clojurescript development is inevitable


@maximtop You could try selecting nREPL instead of clojure.main in the config dialog and removing script/repl.clj from the parameters (I don’t know why that’s there, though).


@flowthing Yes, I've managed to launch cljs repl from the Cursive via nREPL I've started nREPL from command line lein repl and connected to the nREPL via Cursive remote repl after that I have run in REPL these commands

(use 'figwheel-sidecar.repl-api)
It would be perfect if there be some possibilities to not type them every time


The typical way would be to add dev/user.clj, add a function that calls those things, and add ”dev” into project.clj :source-paths. Then just call that function when you open a REPL.


👍 Ok, I'll try this. Thank you

Lennart Buit19:05:53

I created a new cljs project with a deps.edn, but cursive can’t resolve defn and println, can I fix that somehow?

Lennart Buit19:05:11

ah nevermind, I needed to add clojurescripts to the deps key in deps.edn, instead of extra-deps


Any tips regarding Cursive, deps.edn and extra-paths from additional aliases, ignored by cursive? I have an alias "specifications" with the extra path "specifications/code", containing the namespace "specifications.invoice". I have configured IntelliJ - Preferences - clojure Deps - Aliases to enable by default by changing it to specifications,test. Even after a restart, when I open the namespace, IntelliJ doesn't show the code directory as a source/test directory and complains "File invoice.clj is not under a source root." Is it so that only the "test" alias is fully supported regarding extra paths? Any tips? Thank you!


@holyjak That should be fixed in the latest EAP build, 1.8.2-eap2

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You are incredibly quick 🙂


I just happened to be here and haven’t started clearing out the channel backlog yet 🙂


(I was joking, implying quick in releasing a fix :)) Hm, I actually run this version...


Ah, reading your comment, I think you might be setting the alias in the wrong place.


Open the Clojure Deps toolwindow View | Tool Windows | Clojure Deps, open up the Aliases tree and select your alias there. Then refresh your project.


Ah, thanks, I would have never figured that out!


... and fixed. Thank you!!!


No problem!