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So, I'm not sure if this is a Cursive issue, or an IntelliJ issue - I have an artifactory repo listed in my project.clj that requires SSL client certificate authentication. Do I need to configure something somewhere to make that work?


I'm mostly using boot, so i'm using the plugin which auto-converts build.boot to project.clj, but neither mentions any certificates or similar. I have them specified in MAVEN_OPTSand BOOT_JVM_OPTS on the CLI


I'm sure this used to work... but I did recently install leiningen on the CLI too, so I wonder if something there may be interacting badly?


OK, getting there slowly. I think I need to set the same parameters as BOOT_JVM_OPTS has as LEIN_JVM_OPTS, but how do I set those so that they're visible to leiningen running from within IntelliJ/Cursive, rather than in my terminal?


In trying to look for any options like that I couldn't find any, but I noticed you can set the Lein version, but it doesn't have the latest two versions. Why is this? We're up to 2.8.3 and the latest it has is 2.8.1


See the launchctl example


Assuming you’re on macOS


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