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Mario C.16:01:36

How do I get an ediff session only on one side of the window?

Mario C.16:01:51

Normally I want the opposite behavior. To have the ediff session take up the whole emacs window. And it never happens. Always opens up 3 small windows in one buffer. Now that I want this behavior it suddenly decides to just hog up the whole window lol

Mario C.16:01:56

| window A | ediff session here |


I am really confused here… Maybe you’re mixing up terms: buffer, window and frame and what they mean in Emacs, not sure

Mario C.19:01:11

I know a window can have many buffers. I am not too sure what a frame is


frame is what holds windows (I know it’s opposite of what we know from other apps). It’s been historically called that way. So if you for example start Spacemacs and do something like SPC w V - it will split a single window into two. One frame containing two windows. if you do SPC F n - it will create a new frame


now to answer your question… you want to have ediff session to be contained in a single window. Even if that’s possible, probably it would be unwise to have it like that. Ediff (in its simplest form) has basically: side-A, side-B and ediff-control - 3 windows.


So if you open new ediff session it will create new window configuration


and that’s normal.


if that annoys you maybe you can create it in a different frame - but I don’t think it would be less annoying, unless you have multiple monitors


tbh. In the beginning I was relying on Ediff all the time, but then slowly I started using magit’s excellent diff view more and more. And now I very rarely fire up ediff (sometimes it comes handy) and it’s so easy to start it - just press e in a magit diff

Mario C.19:01:05

When I would run an ediff session it would open it like this. | Window 1 | Window 2 | Window 3 | | | Window 4 |

Mario C.19:01:13

where window 2-4 are the ediff

Mario C.19:01:43

I guess what I am asking is how do I keep it from taking over the entire frame



Mario C.19:01:28

It used to always open the way I am describing but idk what I am doing differently now. And the toggle multiframe was kinda buggy and not really what I wanted. Oh well its not a big deal but it would have made my life easier lol.