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Clojurescript Front-end Engineer in Philadelphia Vetd is an early-stage, Philadelphia-based startup that is building a buying platform for B2B SaaS products. We are a team with huge ambitions, but a young and receptive codebase. We are funded by Village Global (LP’s include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sara Blakely and more)

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Open to hiring from a dev team/software development agency, mate? @U4FFD43T4


@U785CSM1N Not at this time. We're trying to find our first engineer that will help us build both a tech and cultural foundation. I'm going to talk to my partners about adding clarifying language regarding mostly-in-office and full-time constraints. This is, more or less, the first job posting I've written, so I'm learning. Thanks for the interest!

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