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Daniel Slutsky07:01:53

So excited to see what Oz is becoming!

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Daniel Slutsky07:01:18

Everybody are invited to tell a little bit about themselves under the "hello" topic of the "data-science" stream at Zulip. 🙂


Thanks @daslu! I hope you find it useful.


In a few hours DeepMind will be presenting progress on their starcraft playing AI:


Wow, that was awesome! They beat some professional players in a pretty dominant fashion 10 to 1 matches. Interestingly the last match was a live match and with AlphaStar trained with a different way of handling the camera input. There will probably be another event where they take on the very best of best (although these players were already close to the top) with a less limited version of the game (all races playable vs only 1 match-up).

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