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Boo, doesn't seem to work. No idea why. Oh well


@carr0t Which are the env vars you need to set?


@cfleming Part of the problem is I’m not actually sure ;) With boot, outside IntelliJ, I have to set MAVEN_OPTS and BOOT_JVM_OPTS to configure my PCKS12 certificate as the keystone, the cert type, and my cert/keystone password


I think to get lein working I need to set LEIN_JVM_OPTS with the same params


Probably I should verify that works with lein in a bash terminal instead of jumping straight into IntelliJ


The reason I need to set it is the artifactory repo that we use for internal libs uses client certificate authentication for access, and it is mandated that our certs are password protected


@carr0t Right, I ask because I may be able to set those directly in lein when I invoke it. The issue is that env vars like that are sometimes setup so that you can’t easily see them and the idea is they’re passed in - if I give you a couple of text fields to fill in I’m just wondering if you have the values you’d need to fill them in.


is there a way to list all unused global declaration in a project ?


in other words, unused functions

Lennart Buit22:01:59

Analyse > Inspect code?

Lennart Buit22:01:15

not sure whether that works for functions tho


@youvere Unfortunately, no - the idea would be to use the general inspection, but it doesn’t work for Clojure for some reason and I haven’t got around to investigating why.

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Some will be shown in the editor, but not all.