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cursive is telling me that core clojure functions are not defined in my deps.edn based project. i found a related github project and the suggestion to reimport the project isn't working. šŸ™‚


also, i can't load namespaces in the repl (command + shift + L):

Loading src/clj/myproject/core.clj... 
Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (core.clj:1:1).
Could not locate amazonica/aws/ec2__init.class, amazonica/aws/ec2.clj or amazonica/aws/ec2.cljc on classpath.


ah! upgrading to the latest stable release did the trick.


whoops, spoke too soon. still loads of unresolved functions.


deps.edn support is still being worked out as it is itself relatively new. I can confirm it works correctly when using Leiningen so if you can use that I'd suggest doing that instead of fighting the tooling.


thanks for the tip! i love deps.edn too much to avoid it though. šŸ™‚


deps.edn support should be stable now.


Iā€™m not aware of any outstanding serious issues.


It is new though, so there may well be bugs šŸ™‚


Ok well that's good to know. @U0GC1C09L What's so special about deps.edn that Leiningen doesn't do?


@UAFT1B7Q8 i like the ability to point to a git sha as a dependency (say on github) rather than a package tagged with a version number. deps.edn also makes it easier to work on multiple projects at the same time. i don't have to lein install them over and over as i make updates. also, aliases are really powerful. for example, i can launch my project in different ways for testing, or automate my deployments.


it's fast, lightweight, and with aliases i get the parts i need automate stuff. lein or boot can do that, of course, but in my experience it takes a little more effort.


Interesting. What exactly do you mean about multiple projects at the same time? From what I'm seeing aliases are the same as profiles in Leiningen.