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I figured out it was just IE/Edge not supporting :flex-direction "column"

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One of the upsides of widely user react libs is that there’s usually a large amount of crazy enough contributors to hunt down and fix the browser compatiblity issues. Downside is that the libs often turn out too bloated because of myriads of edge-cases (heh) and contributors.


I try to avoid features that are known to be difficult for IE11 and Edge. is a good resource.

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It also depends on your audience. In my case I was a bit surprised that 25% of visitors use IE11 or Edge. Our users are mostly working in governmental / municipal agencies where IT-departments seem to favour legacy crap. If the percentage was around 5% I wouldn’t care that much.


There is any good Material-ui Reagent Wrapper out there which is compatible with the latest version of material-ui?


@mateus.pimentel.w you don’t need wrapper. Reagent repo has example project how to use Material-ui “directly” via interop


Best way to get the latest version is to get it from npm and use webpack or shadow-cljs to bundle it into your build.


No problem!


Is there a way, by updating app-state that you can force your initial API calls to trigger again? If I call the fetch function directly it causes the page to flash


@njj that sounds weird. why is it flashing?


heh thats what I’m trying to figure out


it maybe my setup, I’m trying to console the app state from the init! function and it’s not printing anything on updates, but higher up in the components things update