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hey guys, is there a way for cursive to recognize npm modules required through the namespace form? I keep getting warnings that the symbols are not defined 😕

Andreas Liljeqvist14:11:49

is there any way to display args for a function in the bottom of the screen? Like Emacs for example

Andreas Liljeqvist14:11:07

cljs.user=> (+| cljs.core/+: ([] [x] [x y] [x y & more])

Andreas Liljeqvist14:11:35

Using quick documentation requires ctrl-q and having the caret at the symbol


hrm suddenly having trouble launching a REPL - and exception with something about Runner Run not registered


anybody seen something like this before?


when I try a second time I see a different error Manifest type not detected when finding deps for in coordinate {:local/root "..."}


also I note that my deps now fail to sync with Specified aliases are undeclared: [:dev]