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@dadair Depending on what you are doing, you could just use normal org-mode and not rely on org-contact. I don’t maintain my contacts in emacs (maybe I should), but if I were going to I would write an emacs function that prompted me for inputs like contact name, phone number, email, category, and drop that information in a file using some kind of structure like

* dadair
:email: [email protected]
:address: dadair's address
Then you could use org agenda to search for contacts.


Thanks! My only concern with something hand-rolled is integrating with mu4e or gnus (I’ll be migrating to one of them soon)


I wish I had some advice for you there. I don’t use either of those tools. The emacs subreddit or an irc may be good places to find advice for what you are trying to do.


Any users of inferior-clojure here? I can connect to a remote REPL but can’t get my buffer to acknowledge that it is connected. Instead, it always shows “Inferior Clojure: no process”.


It says inf-clojure-proc: No Clojure subprocess; see variable 'inf-clojure-buffer'


What does inf-clojure-buffer say?


It says that I should use it to set up the, well, inf-clojure-buffer that commands go to — but its value is already *inf-clojure* which is the buffer that commands should go to.


Evaling this in the minibuffer: (setq inf-clojure-buffer "*inf-clojure*") doesn’t seem to fix anything.


Do you have the variable inferior-lisp-program? If so is it set to anything, like "lein run"?


Evaluating inferior-lisp-program throws an error, and describe-variable & ivy refuses to autocomplete it, so probably not?


But I’m in inferior clojure, not inferior lisp…


Here’s what I see…


I’m not too familiar with inferior clojure, but I thought it might use inferior lisp under the hood.


(defun inf-clojure-proc ()
  "Return the current inferior Clojure process.
See variable `inf-clojure-buffer'."
  (let ((proc (get-buffer-process (if (derived-mode-p 'inf-clojure-mode)
    (or proc
        (error "No Clojure subprocess; see variable `inf-clojure-buffer'"))))
I can’t make sense of this…


Have you added this to your init file?

(autoload 'inf-clojure "inf-clojure" "Run an inferior Clojure process" t)
  (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'inf-clojure-minor-mode)


This is the function of inferior clojure that throws an error.


I was just able to get inferior clojure up and running on my emacs (normally I use cider). Here are the steps I took Add this to my init file,

(use-package inf-clojure
  :ensure t
  :pin "melpa"
  (autoload 'inf-clojure "inf-clojure" "Run an inferior Clojure process" t)
  (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'inf-clojure-minor-mode))
If you don’t use use-package, you should be able to install it, and in your init file add
(require 'inf-clojure)
(autoload 'inf-clojure "inf-clojure" "Run an inferior Clojure process" t)
(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'inf-clojure-minor-mode)
Evaluate the code, whether it is use package or something else, then in a clojure buffer (I picked a project.clj), run M-x inf-clojure and watch your repl start up. You should have leiningen or whatever tool you use installed and available on your path so emacs and inf-clojure can find it.


Right, thanks — this works — I want to connect to an already running socket REPL.


So what I have to do first is inf-clojure-connect


And this does create the *inf-clojure* buffer, but then for some reason my actual source file is not connected to that.


OK, I managed to do something too — the key bit is to make sure you are first on Clojure major mode, and the invoke inf-clojure-minor-mode


I just tried the same thing with my basic inf-clojure setup, and couldn’t get it working


I get an error saying comint-propmpt-regexp not set properly. The *inf-clojure* buffer is not acting like it’s connected to a repl. It’s just an empty buffer with no prompts.


Which is what confused me — the Clojure source buffer needs to have inf-clojure minor mode, not inf-clojure-mode


Weird, that works for me just fine.


Well I use cider so i’m not worried about mine. You should have inf-clojure-minor-mode already enabled in clojure-mode bufferes if you add it in a hook. Doing that would keep you from having to start the minor mode every time


Yep- I figured it out now. I also use cider usually but this is to connect to a remote socket REPL that doesn’t have nRepl etc.


So I have to set it up manually. I’ll probably end up just bundling nRepl and the relevant middleware to be able to just use cider there.


Thanks for your help!


Indeed. Glad you were able to figure it out 🎉


@orestis to me inf-clojure-connect works as expected. I’m on Prelude and I’ve installed inf-clojure with M-x package-install inf-clojure. I can eval forms from (cljs) buffer with inf-clojure-eval-last-sexp etc. There’s also #inf-clojure but it’s been inactive for while.


@valtteri thanks, my confusion was that I was entering the inf-clojure major mode which is the one that applies to the REPL buffer itself. I should have entered the minor mode which allows you to eval buffers etc.