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executing js/window in planck gives maximum call stack exceeded


same for js/global


Hello, I struggle to get completions to work in Spacemacs. I have a .cljs file with a working REPL (I can execute forms). I also have the documentation being displayed in the mini-buffer. Though, I can't have the completion working. When I press Tab, there is the [No matches] message. When I execute (planck.repl/get-completions "map"), I get the response back in the REPL. I even forced the value of inf-clojure-completion-form to the planck one: (planck.repl/get-completions "%s") but it still doesn't work. Am I missing something?


@dam That function is not meant for external use. It is internally invoked like this:

(planck.repl/get-completions "(map")
to produce results like
#js ["map" "MapEntry" "map" "map-entry?" "map-indexed" "map?" "mapcat" "mapv"]
Having said that, we could add a public method for use in IDEs if we define its semantics. (Something like this was done for planck.repl/get-arglists.)


@mfikes Great. I was looking for some object to add some property to 🙂