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Shantanu Kumar15:11:29

Hi! I have a small question - how can I exclude a certain namespace from api-doc generation, so that it is not loaded at all?


You can add no-doc metadata but you're probably aware of that and it won't prevent the namespace from getting loaded.


Is the side effect causing a failure during analysis?

Shantanu Kumar18:11:19

Yes, it fails the doc generation


can you point me to the build?


Thanks! There might be ways to configure exclusions for this kind of stuff in the future but for now there's not really anything you can do.


If you want I can exclude this file from analysis manually

Shantanu Kumar18:11:45

That would be great! Is there anything I can do to help the process?


You can open an issue and point out what file specifically should be skipped during analysis.

Shantanu Kumar15:11:03

(I do something side-effecty in that namespace.)