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So - I finally upgraded to cidr 19 - From what I understand, I need to now use cider-jack-in-clj&cljs to start a clj and cljs repl simultaniously. However, when doing this my cider repl will no longer process anything I send it. I.e. (prn "AAA")


Has anyone experienced this?


If I just use cider-jack-in-clj. My clj repl works fine


@kvit have a look at two REPL buffers, my guess is that your ClojureScript REPL didn't complete its upgrade process


Sometimes when I eval something that throws an exception, my cursor is shot to the top of the buffer. Is there a way to... not do that? This only seems to happen with some of the things I eval. For example, if I eval a non-existing symbol, like awefijsd, the cursor goes to the top


but if I eval that symbol inside of a sexp, like (awefijsd) the cursor stays where it should be


I've also noticed some weird cusror jumping when eval'ing stuff, not just to the top, but haven't been able to look into it yet.