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Hello folks. I remembered at one point Cursive used to pick up js externs when I was using dot syntax in ClojureScript. Now I am in a new project and I have some cljs like and I don't know how to make Cursive not highlight it as a warning. Any help or link to a faq/doc that can point me in the right direction?


It seems to work only on global window objects like js/ReactNative.Text but not from js object defined in another namespace

(ns my.ns) (def ReactNative (js/require "react-native")) (ns other.ns (:require [my.ns :as my])) my/ReactNative.Text ;; <- gives warning


Maybe we can do something like (def React ^js/React (js/require "react"))


Also, when infer externs is set to true, aren't most of the infer generated automatically? Can Cursive ignore the warming when the extern is generated?


did you try invalidating caches?


ctrl + {left, right} seem to work oddly in strings (i.e. I would expect it to jump to the end of the word if I hit ctrl + right, but instead it jumps to the end quote of the string. Is there a way I can alter this behavior?