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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)22:04:01

I just installed IDEA and Cursive, I’m following along with the pages, and when I get to “Keybindings”, it says to go to Settings→Keymap→Clojure Keybindings in the settings…but there’s no such panel. Keymap has nothing underneath it. Is the documentation out of date, or am I missing something? I’m on IDEA 2018.1 with Cursive 1.6.3-2018.1


@kingmob Sorry, the doc is out of date there - that step is no longer required.


The keys are now bound by default, which wasn’t possible previously.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)22:04:55

Ahh, ok. I think I found the Cursive settings scattered about in the existing keymaps

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)22:04:02

Is there a way to copy a bunch of keymaps now? I’d love to copy over Emacs’s paredit settings into the Mac OS X keymap, if possible…


You can print a cheat sheet if you like, Help-&gt;Show Cursive Cheat Sheet


So that is the one use case that is worse under the new way of doing things, unfortunately. I should really provide something you can import to get that over the top of the standard keymap.


That was more or less what the previous settings panel did, but it was horribly confusing for new users.


And thanks! Glad you’re finding it useful.


If you don’t mind configuring the paredit ones by hand, you can switch to the Emacs keymap, print the cheat sheet, then go back to the OSX 10.5+ one and then just add the emacs ones manually - a bit of a pain, but not too hard.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)22:04:37

No worries. I just need paredit, not all of Emacs’ bindings. (CIDER has so many bugs w/ ClojureScript, I decided to bite the bullet and learn a new editor/environment.)

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)22:04:00

That’s a good idea, I’ll try that.