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Has there been any work towards trying to use keywords in re-frame Hiccup instead of adapted classes, as in:

(defn greeting []
  [:text "Hello"])
Here is a hack that does it:


Would be nice, since view data could more easily be stored in edn and such then.


Looks great.

carocad09:04:26 has anybody actually tried to go the opposite way on building? I mean make Js tooling compile Cljs files instead of us providing a single massive js file for metro to deal with?

carocad09:04:18 I do get quite useful stacktraces on the RSOD with the expo template. The names are still mangled but it is much more readable than the defaults. For some weird reason that I still dont understand, the stacktraces on the RSOD are only good if Chrome debugging is also enabled :thinking_face: