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Just spotted a spurious dependency on [refactor-nrepl "2.3.0-SNAPSHOT"] in my lein deps :tree of my current project. This came in via my clojar library image-lib . Turns out it was getting included by lein deploy clojars from the dev profile of image-lib. It no longer needs to be there, so its an easy solution just to remove it and re-run the deploy. BUT I'm puzzled as to how it got in there. Doing a lein deploy shouldn't be looking in the dev profile should it?


I've never seen that happen


I also have [expectations "2.0.9"] in the dev dependancies and that doesn't get included. Probably not worth worrying about but I will be keeping a closer eye on my dependency trees in future.


is it possible one of your real deps has a dependency on it?


There are only 2:

:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.7.0"]
                [com.novemberain/monger "3.0.1"]]
And removing refactor-nrepl from the dev dependancies and redeploying got rid of it.


welp I guess computers just don't work


I have a project with 2 config files, depending on the environment: <project>/env/dev and <project>/env/prod. project.clj configures different source-paths for different :cljsbuilds. In the different builds, there's one that uses :figwheel {:on-jsload ...} On running lein figwheel, the compiler uses the right config (dev). On hot module reload, the wrong config file is used (prod). Why does hot module reload takes another config file (another source-path)?