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@seancorfield what do you think about keys like :git/sha used in ctd


@alexmiller would be interested how you decided that, too

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:04:46

Sorry, what’s the question?


@leongrapenthin when Alex talked about that (on the list? in #tools-deps here?) he said that's a human written format so it needs to be clear but not too verbose. A while different set of considerations compared to code.


@alexmiller I'm interested in a rule when its ok to pick unqualified/unsegmented namespaces. "Lib no;app yes" seems what has emerged mostly, but in tools.deps you claim for example "git". When should a lib author choose to do this and how can he not be worried about conflicts?


Or should we say unqualifies nses in libs are reserved for core libs


@seancorfield thanks, that makes sense from a practical standpoint. I still couldn't do it in my libs without worrying about conflicts ))