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hello, does anyone know of any images slideshow lib like slick.js or something similar?


i have a large (?) set of static data, a few mbs, i'd like to represent as a map and interact with from within a clojurescript application. what's the best way to distribute this? trying to put it in a cljs file results in an analyzer error when i try to load it in the repl.


that will be the command line clojure tool. First paragraph has a link that says "...and an installation of Clojure. " Click on it and follow the instructions and clj is what you will get.


Hello, I get this error when I try to play with electron and CLJS 1.10 Is something wrong with the config or it's a known issue?


@andrewboltachev literally the first link on the article you linked has a link to the instructions to install clj. i guess we need to make that utterly obvious, eh, @dnolen?


@robert-stuttaford thanks. I was just surprised that after N years of lein being the main utility clj one started to exist 🙂


@alex.gavrisco there is a cljs JIRA in that SO post.


Indeed. I've written that SO post)) I was wondering if it's the same issue or I've missed something in my project setup (maybe some changes in cljs 1.10). I have little experience with clojurescript, so it would be nice to get some pointers.


Currently I've just downgraded ClojureScript to 1.9.542 and it works like a charm, but it would be nice to get it working with 1.10 to get some build performance improvements


@alex.gavrisco Using automatic externs inference is optional. If you don't really need it for what you are doing, perhaps it could be disabled and then you could use 1.10.238


I see... I'll try it. Thanks!


I haven’t checked the warning issue on a newer version yet. Didn’t realize you wrote post hah


I got the warnings in 1.9.946 I think. It didn’t actually cause a problem though. Since goog was defined despite the warnings I guess or whatever.


I've got warnings with 1.9.946, but I haven't tested the app (since I got same warnings). I'll try in few minutes.


It seemed to me that the warnings or perhaps the externs themselves were irrelevant


Perhaps there was no reason to even have externs for goog symbols


so it was a “bad externs” file that didn’t matter


that was my understanding at least


(which could be wrong)


I’ve been using the inference, with warnings, in 1.9.946 for a while now and haven’t had trouble with any of the externs inference I’m actually using in the advanced optimization build


Well, I get same errors with with 1.9.946 (warnings during compilation, and "Cannot read property 'c' of undefined" in the app). In that Jira ticket @dnolen mentioned that on master this issue is fixed, so maybe it'll work in the next release. I'm gonna try the solution suggested by @U04VDQDDY


Well, the c undefined thing, may not be related to the goog warnings


However, yes, if you can use other versions to look at your specific issue, good


You're right! I've enabled pseudo-names and I've seen that the error is related to reagent. I've upgraded reagent and now everything works like a charm. Thanks!


Hi, in terms of SPA vs server generated html webpages in a webframework. Which would you prefer nowadays? I created a poll for that because I am thinking of switching my leiningen template to re-frame as a default:


For me it really depends on what kind of site it is. If it's purpose is mainly to give information, I still prefer server generated. When it becomes more interactive a SPA starts making more sense.


@sveri would help to have a project description. the answer is going to vary based on that.


@thheller The context is my template for web development: Up to know I deliver server side generated webpages for login / admin page and I think about switching to a complete clojurescript frontend.


Really depends on the project specifics


can't really write a template thats going to fit all projects


Totally true, thats why I'd like to know where todays preferences are in general.