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Hi, there are few secretary routes with basic components each containing an [:img {:src "imgX.png"]. While navigating the routes, I cannot see any logical pattern in requests in the Img tab(network) in chrome tools. Sometimes changing between routes does not fire any request of those images after the first time, which results in seeing the images appear immediately when changing between routes. While sometimes a request is made for an image again by or other source and sometimes it fetches it from the disk cache while other times from the memory (this time it's noticeable how image is 'redrawn/reappear' in the dom). How does this work?


you know regarding @mfikes idea to register custom tags in it occurs to me that if that was the only way to do it, you’d never have the () vs [] bug again. the system could help you out when you meant to use a component but used a function accidentally.