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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)14:04:44

OK, how do I set the REPL prompt? I usually want it to display the ns, but Cursive is ignoring my lein :repl-options…

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:04:39

Ahh, it looks like the ns is at the top of the REPL window, nm

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:04:39

Hmm, it also ignores REPL :welcome message. Would be nice if it didn’t.


@kingmob What’s the :welcome message?

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)20:04:02

Not sure if it’s lein-specific , but there’s a :repl-options key that can set things like a :welcome message, a :prompt, the initial namespace via :init-ns, etc.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)21:04:22

Not crucial, just nice to have. I use :welcome to remind me what fns to run to kick stuff off 🙂

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)21:04:27

BTW @cfleming, is there a refactoring for cleaning up ns forms? E.g., convert :use to :require, alphabetize requires, etc?


I've always wanted this and just yesterday I raised a feature request: