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Is anyone else experiencing no parens highlighting lately?


I saw but does anyone know how I actually use lumo with Cursive? Is it supported yet?


With the change in recent Leiningen to enforce SSL for repositories, we have taken to using the :certificate field in our project.clj files to specify the self-signed cert for our internal repo. It is left as a relative path (usually just the cert name as we place it in the root of the project). The problem is that Cursive never can find the file by relative path and fails to load the project. Currently I work around it by adding the fully qualified path and refreshing Leiningen and then removing it again before checking in to VCS, but it's kind of a pain. Is there a config or something I'm missing to get Cursive to recognize the relative path?


Note, running lein from command line finds the cert by relative path just fine. it's just in the ide that there is an issue...


I'm getting a vague error when I try to run an nREPL via Cursive: 17:29 Error running 'REPL for sk': Invalid javascript engine (javascript) with the standard configuration as such:


Debug doesn't get me much further. Any thoughts? 🙂


Hi. Noticed that on the latest EAP there is no Keymap panel anymore and several default bindings are set out of the box (I seem to remember some discussion about this here or on the list). Can I find a table of all default bindings somewhere?


Seems like the cursive cheat sheet on the help menu is the table I was looking for


@joshkh Do you have a plugin using JS, like less or something, in your project.clj?


@cfleming You must be psychic. Yes, the lein-less plugin.


Say, just out of curiosity is there any support for the tools.deps.alpha deps.edn stuff in Cursive? Is it on the roadmap somewhere?