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@taylor yes, I (and others at my company) have seen that behavior over several years and a multitude of intellij versions. This is on linux x64 and for some of the instances we've found explanations (like a modal dialog that popped up automatically but ended up behind the main window and lost focus etc), other times we've found no root cause. Only way we've consistently been able to resolve it is via a restart of intellij


I have another question, on the latest version of intellij I get a Error running 'leiningen-run-configuration': Unknown error every time I try to start a clojure REPL. This is with: Leiningen 2.7.1 on Java 1.8.0_121 Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM and clojure 1.9.0. Anybody seen this and/or have a fix for it? I've looked in the logs I could find and there is no mention of the error, the application event log pane just has the above message

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:15

I have a problem getting Cursive to work with

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:50

I have created a repl command (refresh specifying the user namespace

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:18

it seems to do something when I execute it :reload ()

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:29

But no new symbols show up

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:04

but if I execute (refresh) in the repl it seems to work

Andreas Liljeqvist15:01:06

(def a 1 seems to work as intended, but new requires cannot be refered


@taylor I’ve never seen that but it looks like others have. It looks like an IntelliJ issue to me, but Cursive could be involved somehow. It looks difficult to diagnose though 😞


For what it’s worth I’m running the same setup on two MacBook Pros and only the touchbar model is affected. I’ve also noticed IDE flickering oddly which I highly doubt Cursive could be responsible for


No, definitely not. That’s odd about the touchbar model, too - there must be something at the level of the Java integration into the OS that’s playing up.


@mbjarland Could you send me a copy of your log file? You can find it with Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer. Either DM it here or mail it to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>


@cfleming turns out this was a general issue with leiningen even outside of cursive. A reboot fixed it, not sure why, I pasted a thread stack to the #leiningen channel


@mbjarland Ok, thanks for letting me know.