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Hi, has anyone used the amazonica library to sync files to S3? I’m trying to do the amazonica client equivalent to aws s3 sync with no luck.. I think I need to use the equivalent of this but I can’t figure out how that would look in amazonica…


I've never done it with Amazonica, but I used TransferManager directly and it was straight-foward. I stopped doing that because aws s3 sync was less complex (via a shell call).


@bja thanks, I’ll try that! 🙂 Was originally using shell as well but trying to make it not depend on things being installed on the host


Thank @podviaznikov! I had a look through them and they’re both implementing the aws s3 sync functionality from scratch which is cool. But in the end I didn’t have that many files to sync, so I decided to just upload them all each time, overwriting them on the server each time. Not pretty but did the job for me!