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Newb question about a re-com component: re-com/input-text doesn’t appear to let you change the input-type between :password and :input in response to a checkbox status. The idea would be to enable a “show password” checkbox. Is there a workaround for this? i.e. this doesn’t change the input-type

 :model ""
 :input-type (if @ticked? :input :password)
 :on-change #()
 :placeholder "Password"]
 :model ticked?
 :on-change #(reset! ticked? %)
 :label "show password"]
Thanks for any ideas!


I’m interested in using re-frame, but I want to use rum for it’s fast server-side rendering


is there any support from re-frame for this use case? or a more agnostic state management library ya’ll would suggest?