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William Perkola12:01:45

I have been watching and using Garden for some time now but I can't figure out the current state of the project. There is the occasional issue and PR with some active discussions but there hasn't been a new release since early 2016, almost 2 years ago. The big v2.0.0 branch hasn't seen any updates in 6 months either. Is it good to invest in Garden and try to help the development or should I stick to the traditional css processors?


@perkola: I had a conversation with @noprompt a while ago, assuming nothing has changed since then I think it would be a great place to invest some time if he's still interested in a bit of help with development.


@perkola yes, i’ve had some difficulty making time to do more work on the project which is why i’ve been looking for help. i became a father to my third child this year and, to give you some insight, my oldest is 3 1/2. i have little free time available and since i’m not working with garden day-to-day right now, it’s not a project i expend that free time on.


i will be cutting a new 1.x.x release today with some PRs being merged over the weekend but i want to focus on getting 2.0.0 released with 1.9.0 being stable.


the missing piece to having 2.0.0 be stable is updating the selectors namespace to use the new protocols. i think that’s about it.


☝️ in this issue i’ve outlined what i think would be a decent approach to solving the problem.


i welcome and encourage collaboration on this issue.


so to sum it all up @perkola: i’m a busy guy and wish to see the project continue to succeed. i would like help doing that. i’d like others to be involved and feel empowered to contribute.

William Perkola19:01:14

Thank you very much for your answer! I think Garden is a great addition to the Clojure community and I will continue to follow it and hopefully I can contribute at least a little bit.