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I’ve never seen such blocks in docstrings, but it should be feasible. Are you talking CIDER doc buffers or in general?


Hello, is there a way to have midje autotest in cider repl?


cider-test-run-project-tests messages "Running tests in all project namespaces..." then hangs indefinitely. I'm on 0.16.0. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I'd like to see if there's something easy I'm missing before reporting the issue.


@bozhidar thanks, I enabled the nREPL messages buffer but it doesn't seem to say much. The issue seems to be that the results (1 or 2 very small maps) of a complex Datomic query somehow cause a complete hang when running tests from CIDER but not when the functions are run manually or when running tests from the command line. Is there some resource I can read about how to interpret nREPL messages, or to understand better what CIDER is adding to the testing/evaluation process?


nevermind, it seems to be caused by venantius/ultra plugin in my lein user profile


It might give you some insight.


@pablore They have to implement the clojure.test protocol and midje would work with CIDER.


There’s a ticket I filed, but they need someone to work on it


@bozhidar clojure-mode docstrings was my thinking.