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Invalid :refer, var cljs.core.logic/permuteo does not exist --- is this expected? (ClojureScript)


@timothypratley are you able to use permuteo without :refer? i.e. logic/permuteo.


I’ve got a hobby project building a Dominion ( ) randomizer with a web interface. For those that don’t know Dominion, the purpose of a randomizer is to set up an initial game state by randomly picking 10 piles of cards from those piles available, with a few custom rules occasionally. That task is very simple in and of itself, but I’d like to make it possible for the end user to customize the randomization with certain parameters, like, “less than 5 piles must contain attack cards” and “1 of the piles must be a certain pile” and “more than 2 piles must be victory cards” (and probably more constraints will appear once the possibilities start unfolding 🙂 ). Is core.logic a good fit for something like this?


hi @noprompt 🙂 no, I am unable to use permuteo by qualifying it either.


@timothypratley sounds like you’ve got a bug report to make! 😉