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I know about set-window-dedicated-p. It's not what . Iwant: I want a situation where a frame is attached to a wincow and does NOT displ.ay any other windows


Even with set-window-dedicated-p, I get the situation taht the frame may decide to split and display two windows. I don't want that. I want this frame to display this one window -- and never display anything else.


basically I want a command that says: this frame has this current layout with these windows/buffers; NEVER change at all; force all new windows/buffers to appears elsewhere

qqq07:01:35 is this for real? in emacs, getting "what line am I currently on" requires scanning through the entire buffer ?


anyone able to open N files at the same time with helm?


e.g. mark a few with C-SPC, try the "open file" action


it just opens one file. seems a usual pitfall


-- the 'persistent action' seems to do basically that. although it'd be more uniform if I could use a plain action


I'm trying to debug an issue where shutdown hooks are not run when I do cider-restart; I'm having trouble even finding the code that kills the server. any tips?


Are you looking for this or something else?


(defun cider--close-connection-buffer (conn-buffer)
  "Close CONN-BUFFER, removing it from variable `cider-connections'.
Also close associated REPL and server buffers."
  (let ((buffer (get-buffer conn-buffer))
        (nrepl-messages-buffer (and nrepl-log-messages
                                    (nrepl-messages-buffer conn-buffer))))
    (setq cider-connections
          (delq buffer cider-connections))
    (when (buffer-live-p buffer)
      (with-current-buffer buffer
        (when spinner-current (spinner-stop))
        (when nrepl-tunnel-buffer
          (cider--close-buffer nrepl-tunnel-buffer)))
      ;; If this is the only (or last) REPL connected to its server, the
      ;; kill-process hook will kill the server.
      (cider--close-buffer buffer)
      (when nrepl-messages-buffer
        (kill-buffer nrepl-messages-buffer)))))


Which shutdown hooks are you referring to?


if I do cider-jack-in followed by cider-restart, my assumption is that the jvm running the nrepl server gets shutdown


is the process managed by emacs, and so kill-buffer ends up killing the process?


I can contrast this effect with what happens when I do lein trampoline repl :headless (probably also lein repl would be equivalent) followed by C-c, in which case the shutdown hooks do run