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Hey Everyone! We are looking for Senior Polyglot engineers who would like to work with Clojure. (If you have prior commercial experience that would be a bonus, but it is not essential.) Job Spec Here: You will be working on a machine learning platform that uses a mixture of advanced NLP techniques, and contextual information, to pull relevant and actionable information from the depths of the internet and worlds media sources. Their tech stack includes Python, Clojure, Javascript, Angular, Node & ClojrueScript. A polyglot attitude is essential! Locaiton: London Salary: Competetive Great company and a chance to work in a emerging technology! Drop me a message if you are interested in finding out more.


I'm looking for a junior-to-mid-level development job and I'd love to find something in Clojure. I just did an apprenticeship in agile software development, but my background is mathematics (MS). I have theoretical understanding of concurrency, schema transformations, graph theory, decisions & optimization, and now I want to build stuff. Contact & more info at Thanks!


I'm in Chicago. I'm hoping to find something here or remote, I'd also relocate to cities that are a day's train ride--- NYC, Toronto, Pittsburgh...


@mathpunk This came up on Functional Works recently for Chicago: I'm currently using Functional Works myself and can't recommend them strongly enough. 🙂