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Anthony Ciacci00:01:46

Hey all, what version of Atom are you running? I never figured out what was wrong with my autocomplete in the ink console from a couple of months ago and have been using the non-ink console ever since. Seems like there were changes to ink console api for Atom 1.21 that protorepl might never have incorporated? The non-ink one is fine enough, but I get wonky error syntax highlighting issues with it. I’m also just curious about the ink console’s potential so would love to get the autocomplete working on it. If curious, this thread contains the stopping point on when I was working on this last:


I'm using 1.23.2


with ink 0.7.11 and proto-repl 1.4.22

Anthony Ciacci00:01:04

okay thanks! Those are the versions I am using as well :thinking_face: