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Hello! Am trying to deploy cryogen site with github pages. This is my repo Am just using the default lein template w some changes to config.edn and removal of content/md/posts/ Could anyone explain why there the site is not deploying? It seems based on the activity log it has been deployed?


Okay the hosting seems to work. But it I'm not sure whether cryogen is doing what it is supposed to do at this point :thinking_face:


In your current example, it seems like you are entirely bypassing cryogen. Your whole website is just based on your index.html you have in your repo. What you want to do is to have your cryogen repo (say zackteo/myblog ) that contains the md or asciidoc files that are your blog pages. Then you run lein run. That will create your whole blog under the public folder in your myblog repo. Then you copy over the files under the public folder in your myblog repo over to your zackteo/ repo and check them in on the master branch of that repo. You now have a functioning blog at In case it is not clear, there are TWO repos - one to hold the source files to your blog (`zackteo/myblog`) and the other to host the blog on github (`zackteo/`). You might find the following helpful (in particular, the sections on "Setting up User and Organization Pages" and Deploying to GitHub Pages". This is assuming you want a personal blog and not a project blog.

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Another, slightly more complicated, alternative is to add a (say) cryogen branch to the zackteo/ repo to contain your blog source. That way, you have just one repo, but two branches - cryogen to contain the blog pages sources, and master to contain the cryogen-generated blog files hosted at github pages.

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That's what I do for ( -- I have a cryogen source branch (with public etc .gitignore'd) and do lein run to populate the public folder which is where the main branch of the repo is.


So my process is: edit files in my folder which is the on cryogen branch; preview/edit cycle until I'm happy; add/commit/push those source changes (cryogen branch); lein run; then add/commit/push those generated changes (master branch), which updates a few minutes later.