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Hey guys, I am just curious but is Jackdaw still active ? I noticed there hasn't been any updates to the project since the summer


I'm still a heavy user and I presume funding circle still has wads of it in production. They probably just haven't needed any of the new features that aren't supported by current version of jackdaw I'm a bit busy this month but I do plan on making a "jackdaw.alpha" or something in order to have a reliable artifact representing some of the work done by non funding circle users of jackdaw. Also, full disclojure, some folks prefer to use Kafka without the wrapper. I myself find value in it but I wrote a decent amount of it and know all the quirks.


Also also, sorry if you already know this but you don't have to wait until jackdaw starts using a version of the Kafka client for your application to use that version. e.g. I'm working in a project right now where the project uses Kafka clients v2.7 but still just uses the latest jackdaw available to drive the client. Haven't run into any comparability issues so far


I use jackdaw with Kafka 2.7.0 with zero issues too 🙂

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awesome good to know


appreciate the insite