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Michaël Salihi19:01:16

So @ps, I think you have what you need for the solution. As you can see in my response here;cid=C0E1SN0NM and @olivergeorge’s example above, the renderItem argument is a JS Object. So you can't use (:name video) or (:url video) lookup like with a CLJ map. You can use goog.object like in theses examples or libraries like: • cljs-oops • js-interop So in you case, you end up with a video-comp like that:

(ns your.ns
 (:require [goog.object :as gobj])

(defn video-comp [video]
  [:> View
   [:> Video
    {:style {:height 400
             :width "100%"}
     :controls true
     :paused true
     :source {:uri (gobj/get video "uri")}}]
   [:> Text (gobj/get video "name")]])

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