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@yogidevbear I would be interested to know how you get on with creating a dedicated home page. It took me a couple of days to navigate through the cryogen templates to figure out the layouts to customise the theme. My earliest commits in the project (Oct 2019) might give some clues, but I cant remember what specifically I changed, some was CSS, some was layout. In the end I just used cryogen as a separate blog site and created a ClojureScript / reagent / figwheel-main project for the home page. Thats the setup for and /blog is the cryogen site.


I was thinking of going the same route re having a cryogen project as a "blog" subdirectory within a website. I ended up time boxing my experimentation with cryogen as I had a few other static site generators that I wanted to evaluate too. It's easy enough to get a dedicated homepage with cryogen. My issue at that point was getting a listings page (like the built in :previews true support) under the "blog" route. I think it would require extending the cryogen compiler ns to add some logic similar to what they have for archives.