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Figured it out. I was concentrating on getting the mechanism of Fulcro so much so that I forgot these are simply Clojure codes. Solved it with a condp.


@yubrshen Great to hear you got through chapter 4. There is a lot of information and, in my case, it was mostly stuff I had never encountered before so grasping it all is an accomplishment in itself! Re: Queries - have you downloaded and installed the Fulcro Inspect? It is an essential tool in my view and it has an “EQL” tab which allows you to learn how to write queries against your running data. I prefer the Electron app as you get the freshest fixes from Tony without having to wait for the Chrome store updates. Re: Database model - While Fulcro’s client db is a graph database it does not assume that your remote is a graph database. But understanding the EQL / Pathom query syntax is very important - the authors of Pathom, Tony and Wilker Lucio have written great docs on Pathom which really helped me figure out the basics of queries: Remember: Pathom is the “glue” which ties the Fulcro front-end to virtually any datasource (sql, datomic, aps, whatever). If you know how to get data in and out of your DB then you can write a Pathom resolver to connect it to Fulcro.

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