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@mauricio.szabo does linter-kondo ( still work with atom these days? I was going to recommend it to someone, but just making sure


Yes, you have to install linter-ui if I'm not mistaken, but it works đŸ™‚


@borkdude It was still working fine for me about a month ago -- the last time I fired up Atom, before switching to VS Code.


@mauricio.szabo I'm trying to do something unorthodox with Clover and wondered if there was somewhere I could look in VS Code to get a detailed log of what Clover is trying to do when connecting to a Socket REPL (I have a setup that I thought might look like a Socket REPL but Clover isn't connecting to it and I'm not sure how to debug it).


I can do this with Atom/Chlorine if that exposes detailed logging more easily?


Yes, Atom/Chlorine will expose detailed logging more easily (because REPL-Tooling is written together with Chlorine, and also because there's a single devtools).


But as far as I know, it tries to send a "detect Clojure implementation" form like #?(:cljs :using-cljs-repl :clj :user-clj-repl ....)


Maybe that's what's breaking the connection?


OK, so I can enable devtools and see what's going on? Thanks.


I have no idea what part of the process breaks right now. Will report back. May have more questions đŸ™‚


Hmm, nope. That doesn't seem to report what Chlorine is trying to do with the connection. Do I need to enable something to see more debugging?


(or will I have to run Chlorine from source?)


Ah, sorry I misunderstood. No, Chlorine does not debug anything bt default, you have to run from source and add some prn info :(


OK, cool. That gives me a path forward.


I'm trying to see whether I can put a Socket REPL like API on top of a prepl so I can connect to more things đŸ™‚


In particular, Reveal has a setup where it can pass through prepl data to a remote server, so you can use Reveal with processes that run elsewhere (or even cljs processes). But it only supports a prepl right now. So I'm trying to build an adapter so that it looks like a Socket REPL, and see whether I can coax Chlorine (and Clover) to connect to it (and side-load unrepl etc)...