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The Continium09:06:53

Hi - Ive just upgraded and I'm getting this error when installing with dein. 
[dein] /Users/thecontinium/.cache/vim/dein/repos/
[dein] fatal: invalid reference: nvim

The Continium09:06:15

Anyone else getting this ?

The Continium09:06:18

I’m running with: NVIM v0.5.0-dev+1405-g2f0e5e7e6


Hmm, maybe I broke something! I'll have a look ASAP.


It seems to be passing fine in CI and for me while in development, so I wonder if it's something more subtle or something behind an option that isn't normally seen.

The Continium11:06:10

To reduce the size of `runtimepath`, dein.vim merge plugins into a single directory. Maybe this is an issue for conjure now. I’ll try with no merge.

The Continium11:06:10

mmmm! dein has just been updated and I still get the error on load but conjure seems to be working now. Looks like a dein issue. I’ll let you know. Cheers.

The Continium16:06:06

using latest revision rather than the tip of main with dein was causing the issue


Oh, you mean the latest dein? Or using the tip of Conjure's branch causes the error?


I hope it's okay now!

The Continium16:06:44

dein using a version was causing an issue; using the tip of conjure branch with dein is working fine thanks