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Divya Patel12:06:18

Hey guys! Here is an interesting opportunity for all women coders to win prizes up to Rs. 20 Lakh with their coding acumen. has come up with 'Technodiva', a coding contest exclusively for women. For registering, please go to the following link :- Register here for more detail:


This is not a project/library announcement so it doesn’t fit here. Unless it has Clojure relevance I don’t think where it would fit, actually. Maybe in #off-topic. Deleting.


clojure-lsp Released new version with a huge improvement on source-paths discovery for deps.edn projects behaving pretty similar to Cursive 🎉 This should make clojure-lsp works well for mono-repo and polylith projects 😄 For more information, please come to #lsp!

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