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Paredit Quickstart question (possible issue): I'm folowing the paredit guide and I got to this part:

;; There is also *Paredit Shrink Selection*

;; == Navigate the Structure ==
;; Move form-by-form using *Paredit Sexp Forward*
;; and *Paredit Sexp Backward*
In my command pallet I find Alt + LeftArrow and Alt + RightArrow But they don't work (Or I don't knwo how to use them properly ?!). I go to a character, press the keys and expect to jump to the next form. Nothing happens. If I press Ctrl+ arrows I do jump to next/prev form


@eugen.stan you are running into this issue: So, it’s upstream from Calva. Maybe we should mention it in the Paredit guide, actually.


Thanks! I commented on the PR.


thanks. updated the PR