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Is there any specific requirement that I need to get Jack in Running? I’m trying to start a project whose deps.edn file is not in the root directory but nothing happens. It works if I open VSCode in a way that deps.edn is in the root. Is there a way to change this?


A believe a deps.edn file is required at the root of the opened project. CC @U0ETXRFEW


That seems to be the case; I was wondering if there’s a workaround for this


I don't think so. There's a note about that requirement here:

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Try having a Clojure file from the project opened when you Jack in.


I tried that already, but it did not make any difference


It’s not a big deal — I have essentially some openfaas functions and each of them has its own directory and deps.end file


I don’t know what is going on. Despite that note in the docs, you are supposed to be able to have a structure like:

- foo
  - bar
    - deps.edn
    - src
      - baz.clj
And having baz.clj open jack-in should work. It does when I try it. Can you create a minimal repro of the problem? That will make it easier to figure out.


Yes, I think I can try to make it happen!


@U0ETXRFEW Should we update the docs to mention that?


Yes, we should probably try to describe how the project root is determined on this page and link to it from the connect page.

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Made an issue to track it for later


Quick question: is there a way to specify a namespace to be auto-loaded on jack-in? I’ve been having to manually eval my user.clj file and can’t seem to find a setting for that. Maybe it’s deps.edn specific?

Ryan Jerue19:06:45

You could specify with afterCLJReplJackInCode

Ryan Jerue19:06:09

Yeah, just tested it and it would work. Inside of settings.json 👉 calva.replConnectSequences create/edit a sequence and in the object add: "afterCLJReplJackInCode": "(ns my-ns.core)"

Ryan Jerue19:06:23

Full object was…

            "name": "Leiningen Ex",
            "projectType": "Leiningen",
            "cljsType": "none",
            "afterCLJReplJackInCode": "(ns my-ns.core)",
            "menuSelections": {
                "leinAlias": null,
                "leinProfiles": [


Hm that doesn’t seem to work for my deps.edn project. I see (ns user) get evaluated resulting in nil, but it doesn’t seem to actually load the namespace (all of the symbols are still unresolved)


If I have a file, dev/user.clj, and in my deps.edn I have {:paths ["src" "dev"]}, after I jack-in the vars I define in the user namespace exist.


By default, tools.deps includes the "src" path, so if you have src/user.clj that file will be loaded even if your deps.edn is just {}


So, you don't need to use a repl connect sequence, this is built in to tools.deps and I think leiningen. The file just needs to be on your classpath.


Doh! I hadn’t added src/dev to my :extra-paths key of the :dev alias! Thanks for pointing this out, it’s working now!


No problem!


I keep having trouble with shadow-cljs — I start my shadow app with: npx shadow-cljs watch frontend and connect to an existing repl and use the :frontend option — When I try to evaluate something I get: No available JS runtime.


I'm guessing it's a browser app. Do you have the app loaded in the browser?


If it's a browser app, the browser is used as the runtime, so it needs to be loaded in order for evaluations to work in the editor/repl.


At least, I think I'm understanding that correctly 😄 . I've had a similar issue in the past when doing browser-based cljs dev.