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Nicolas Estrada19:06:01

@cfleming hi, is there any way to use babashka's nREPL without having noisy completion errors?

(+ 1 2)
=> 3
Error updating completions:
: Could not resolve symbol: cursive.repl.runtime/completions cursive.repl.runtime REPL:1:2


Sadly not, but I’m working on babashka for a release soon.

🙏 3
😍 3
Nicolas Estrada09:06:41

If there was any way I could contribute or lend a hand, let me know 😉 I'm in an elixir shop now and babashka is my only clojure work I'm going atm


i would be happy to test babashka support too. im not using babashka extensively yet, partially because of the lack of cursive support. but also because some of the datomic tooling doesn't work in babashka and i think functionalbytes/rmap or redelay didn't work either.

Ian Fernandez19:06:05

Hi, there is a way to make parinfer not angry when I'm using

(defn a 
  [{:keys [a

Ian Fernandez19:06:24

like for the keys destructuring in vector alignment


If you delete the closing ], parinfer will fix it up.

Ian Fernandez00:06:39

it stay like this, there's an option to align it?

Ian Fernandez13:06:30

I couldn't find an option for this type of identation


If you reformat your code, it should lay it out like that.

Ian Fernandez23:06:29

nope, it always space to right

Ian Fernandez23:06:45

it doesn't align at the same length


Are you using a font with ligatures? Is that f there actually an fn or something similar?

Ian Fernandez00:06:26

it's the prettify symbols mode

Ian Fernandez19:06:58

right now is making this 😞

Matthew Twomey20:06:28

Hey all, new to both clojure and cursive. I’d like to add a custom task to my project (lein template) in intellij (e.g. so that it shows in the leiningen task list), but it seems like no matter what I do, that task list is “immutable” 😉 Does anyone know if it’s possible?

Matthew Twomey20:06:45

In other words, I’d like this kibit task (which works on the command line) to show up in this menu:


Right, there’s no good way to do this right now, sorry. This is because lein makes it hard (and slow) to get the list of tasks. One thing you can do is create a leiningen run configuration which will execute that task.