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Is there any recommended way to change working directory inside a script? I need to go to /some/folder/, run there vagrant up, then return back.


@mike1452 (shell {:dir ...} ....)


or outside tasks, (process [...] {:dir ...}), although you can use shell from anywhere as babashka.tasks/shell as well

Nicolas Estrada18:06:15

Hey, I know cursive support is in the pipes, but is there a way to use a deps project base nrepl and babashka? I'm actually able to work just fine, however if I use babashka.classpath or babashka.deps cursive can't seem to create stubs for them, the way it can for datomic or java_time. I prefer cursive's nREPL rather than bb's tubular socket repl which is less practical for me.


@nicolas.estrada938 babashka also has nREPL btw

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There is an open issue for clojure-lsp and bb. It has a script to pull babashka's own deps.edn, do some transformations on that and then give that classpath to clojure-lsp. Something similar might work for Cursive meanwhile.


@U0567Q30W might be able to give you more pointers