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someone on my team thought it was a good idea to output terminal control characters from the nrepl, ^[[m and similar, I guess it work in emacs 😞, is this something conjure could support, or should I invest time in being able to opt out of them?


Yep! So there's filtering for these control codes already, if they're not being removed then the pattern may need to be tweaked. It already strips colour codes, but maybe I need to expand that?

Olical16:06:10 is a modified version of a colouring plugin, although there may be better ones out there now


if you turn off the filtering that can take the colour codes and render them as actual colour (I really hope someone has made a better lua based one by now... I think there's one out there?)


If you can let me know which codes aren't being stripped in an issue I'll get the pattern updated to include them. Also bear in mind that the stripping only happens to small output, if it's beyond 100 lines it doesn't bother since I don't want to do too much processing on large data to avoid locking up nvim, so I just display large output quickly.