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Good Morning! 🙂


Good morning. I got a temporary handle on the dependency issues yesterday, so now things build at least. Will need to find the root cause still.

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Buenos dias!


yeah it is pretty warm here too. All the way up to 16


gonna bust 30 today


I have no idea how the coos would cope with that (tho it does get into the high 20s in the hills sometimes)


(my coo pics aren't as good as I get nervous around them when I'm up close. Esp if they are out of their enclosures)

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your coos up there are quite spiky

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Can it be winter again yet?


Don’t worry, rain will be here tomorrow…


Winter temps but summer light nights


Yeah, that would be ideal…


Not for me. If I want to stay up late, I don’t mind darkness, and when I want to sleep (and when I want my son to sleep!), I much prefer darkness. Actually, I prefer darkness in the late hours, it’s more cozy.


or rain, I miss rain


We’re at 30C here today. Only forecast for 28C. Tomorrow is forecast to be 30C 😞


:thunder_cloud_and_rain: here


@seancorfield For California that's pretty normal, right?


So. Cal. has always been much hotter (Los Angeles, San Diego) but that’s 400-500 miles south of us. The “Central Valley” is also brutally hot in the summer but, again, that starts 50-100 miles east/south of us.


Ah I see, very local differences?


California is about the same size as the UK, but only has one coast and is substantially further south than a lot of people realize so the temperature variations are more extreme than folks expect — plus we go from sea level where I live to about 8,000 feet up as you go east from here to the next state over (Nevada), and even between here and Southern California there’s a 4,000 feet range to drive up and over.


The eastern border of California for most of the southern half of the state is a full-on desert and mostly uninhabited (and mostly uninhabitable). I used to do two-week fly-drive holidays here in the decade before I moved over from England and I found the variation in terrain (and climate) just incredible!

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Not really for where we live. We used to only very occasionally hit 100F where we live. That’s becoming unpleasantly common nowadays. Inland from us — “over the hills” — regularly hit 100F and could be really brutal in the summer (and now it’s even more insane), but we’re “near” the Bay and generally used to have very moderate weather. We don’t have A/C in the house because we’ve never needed it (we have a small, window A/C unit in the bedroom and another small, window A/C unit in the “cat room”, but nothing elsewhere — including the office, TV room, kitchen, exercise room, etc).


(on the plus side: even a mild frost is rare in winter — we used to joke that it’s “baby bear weather: not too hot, not too cold”)


@seancorfield That sounds a lot like the Netherlands :)


I suspect we got a lot more rain though!


We got a little sprinkling of rain overnight on Monday — we were so excited! We’re already in “extreme drought” this year — so “fire season” will likely be even worse than last year. We normally get next to no rain from March to September. First few times I visited CA were always in summer and I couldn’t understand why anyone would live in such miserable desert conditions… but then I visited in January and everything was beautiful and green 🙂