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I think `vim-sexp` or `vim-sexp-mappings-for-regular-people` is overriding the `<localleader>l` shortcuts I want to use with conjure. It is calling `<Plug>(sexp-insert-at-list-tail)` . How do I give Conjure preference there?


Ideally, I would like to put all the vim-sexp, etc. localleader default commands under it's own section. Like <localleader>s pulls up all the commands that were normally just under <localleader>


This is what is currently happening and I would prefer to hide those Plug commands one level deeper and give me back all my top level local leader options.


Ahh, ok, this makes the task less intimidating if I can figure this out. Just follow those directions and for every localleader command just add what I want like that leading s right?


Got it to work! Thanks so much. There is a small typo in those docs where I had to change let s:sexp_mappings to let g:sexp_mappings . Not sure that is worth submitting a pull request over


yeah, why not, even if author does not merge the PR people will be able to find the discussion