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Fulcro 3.5 RC1 is on Clojars. This release includes support for using Fulcro outside of the context of React. Some namespaces (e.g. dynamic-routing) are tied to React still, but the main networking/data management/refresh facilities have now been refactored so that they can be used without ending up with a React dependency. The new namespaces are com.fulcrologic.fulcro.raw.*, and mirror the majority of the API that isn't React-dependent. The hooks support has also been expanded to allow for easier dynamic (and floating) components. See the hooks ns for use-uism, use-component, and use-root. These functions let you define a plain defn as a raw React component, which can then be used from any React-based UI or library. This should make integration with other libraries easier. This release has a few breaking changes to rarely used things. The primary one is that *after-render* moved to a new namespace (raw.components instead of components). I also removed a couple of deprecated functions that had been previously moved to hooks. All of the breaking changes are pure code motion. I had to refactor a few things, and circular dependencies could not be avoided without relocating two dynamic vars (both rarely used by app code), and the other two functions simply moved to the hooks ns. There is also a new version of fulcro-rad-semantic-ui (1.1.0), which was affected by the movement of *after-render*

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