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@cfleming i was reporting an issue with paren highlighting back in april: i've found the cause of the phenomena! Preferences / Editor / General / Appearance / Use block caret if it's ON, the highlighted matching paren is the unexpected one. if it's OFF, then it works as advertised. i tried to find a related github issue to note this finding there, but i couldn't.

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i had this cursive doc page open on my machine for some reason: and i've noticed that in the animated images, the caret was a bar, not a block. that gave me the idea


Hmm, interesting - have you searched in YouTrack? That sounds like an IntelliJ issue to me.

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Is there any way to see the detail of a test failure in REPL? I know I can see them in a tooltip, but it’s a little hassle to navigate to the test code.


this has been discussed before, but unfortunately there is no way to do that now. what i didn't know though, is that it's slightly easier to get to the test failure if your gutter is on and click the fail-icon there. u don't have to hover and wait at least for the dialog with the link to the diff.


otherwise, i've hooked up kaocha.repl/run to a REPL command and then assigned it to Cmd-R to conveniently run tests. it was not a great choice of keyboard shortcut because i often restart the REPL accidentally 🙂 but other than that, it's a pretty pleasant workflow.


i wish i wouldn't need to carry a koacha setup around for every project, but that's the best i could come up so far


btw, do u know that you can run clojure tests using the same machinery provided to other languages in intellij? u have to create a run configuration for the tests u want to run and wait for your clojure app to start up, so it's slower than a repl-based approach, but it's also cleaner, because u are guaranteed not to have any misleading REPL state affecting your tests. it's documented here:


Yes, the problem is starting up a REPL in my test is very slow because of a lot of initial setups.


kaocha.repl/run approach sounds interesting. I’ll try it. Thanks!


I didn’t know that there’s already an issue. Yes, checking a diff is also another pain point. I don’t want to use my mouse to check the test result basically.

Ian Fernandez22:06:37

anyone knows how to print diffs on IntelliJ when using Nubank Matcher Combinators?


I will just manually run the test in the REPL and inspect the printed output. Don't know if there's a better way.


and unfortunately the output is not as nice as using the built-in kaocha support for the = matcher. i was just asking about this on the kaocha channel the other day and got this response: > actuallyalys_slack: I think we could use better documentation for matcher-combinator support. I'll write up an issue. this was my question: