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hey all, what's the state of React Native dev? sry if you get this a lot, searching the backlog now but just joined. Just looking to make like a lil demo app but something that could grow into a legit maintainable project. also not sure how recently has been updated

Cora (she/her)02:04:03

ah I see that's on that website


ah, just saw the #cljsrn channel

Al Z. Heymer07:04:24

Hi, I'm struggling with an Exception I get, which I don't really understand. I'm doing a mapcat recursively on a tree structure. For some reason I get an ISeqable Error as soon as I try to unpack the LazySeq. Is the cljs-version behaving differently from the clj-version? router.cljc?rel=1650612138476:204 Uncaught Error: 5c45eb67-277e-4c48-8a1b-85870a3db2ae is not ISeqable at Object.cljs$core$seq [as seq] (core.cljs:1253:20) at Object.cljs$core$ISeqable$_seq$arity$1 (core.cljs:3504:14) at Object.cljs$core$seq [as seq] (core.cljs:1236:13) at core.cljs:3805:31 at Object.sval (core.cljs:3441:18) at Object.cljs$core$ISeqable$_seq$arity$1 (core.cljs:3498:12) at Object.cljs$core$seq [as seq] (core.cljs:1236:13) at Object.cljs$core$pr_sequential_writer [as pr_sequential_writer] (core.cljs:10175:20) at Object.cljs$core$IPrintWithWriter$_pr_writer$arity$3 (core.cljs:10460:35) at Object.cljs$core$_pr_writer [as _pr_writer] (core.cljs:778:16) I could share some code, if necessary.


Seems like you have a data structure that's not mapcat'able, like [[1 2] 3] - you'll get a similar error because 3 is not ISeqable.


Inspect your data with e.g. or just play with it in the REPL.

Al Z. Heymer07:04:58

Thanks, I will try that.


My google-fu is failing me. Is there a hiccup port for cljs (running on node)? I don't mean react. Just plain html.


I don't see that there but I also noticed I wasn't very precise: cljs on node, not in a browser


I tried it but that function never returns. (Using shadow-cljs node-repl)


ah the syntax to call it is a bit different. It has to be within a seq


instead of [:div "bla"] it has to be ([:div "bla"])