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Hi... I am trying to use NBB with the npm package sqlite3 and I can INSERT data into my table, but I can't get the lastID in fact I can't get anything back as a result of running the query...

(defn write-birthday
  "Function to persist a Birthday Record"
  [name day month gift_idea]
  (p/let [p_query "INSERT INTO people(name, day, month) VALUES (?,?,?)"
          p_resp (.run db p_query name day month)]
         (prn p_resp)))
(I am doing my own spin on the recent video about making a birthday reminder app) This gets me data in my table and a nil but also this in the REPL when the query runs #object[Database [object Object]]


I am sure I am doing something incredibly dumb vis a vis JS interop, but I just can't figure it out...

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Hey @maleghast - let's discuss in #nbb


@borkdude - Certainly; sorry did not know there was a dedicated channel!